1.population-196, 349,358

2.%of population that is urban 84.2

3.Ethnic Groups. white 545

4.Principle Language(s)- Portaguess

5. Chief Religion(s) Roman catholoc

6.Location- ocpies east half of south america

external image brazil_climate.gif
7.neighbor franchs guina

8.topography- Brizal alantic cost lihe strechs 4,603 miles Brizliniaro

10.Type Fedrol republic

11.head of statef government- lozias linka

12.Industries- texties, shoes.cencols

13.Chief crops -Cofy, soxeal, wheat

14. natural recources-boxite sold lofn

15.Monetary unit-(bri) Expectancy- male:64 female:75

17. education- compolasrx 7-14

18. Literacy rate- 90.5%