The Necessity of Salt salt-shaker_300.jpg There was a king who had three daughters who he loved very much,but he didn'nt know who to chose as queen. He told them whoever brought him the most necessary birthday gift to human life would become queen. His two oldest daughters brought him very necessary gifts. His youngest daughter gave him a container with salt. He drove his daughter from the castle. But then she found a chef. The chef taught her took cook. Then the king invited her to cook for him. He got mad because she didn't salt the food. So then she mentioned the container she got him. He remembered and she became the queen, but most importantly she became his dear daughter again.

Game: Numbers Tag
You need a clear space where players can sit in a circle with chairs.15 or more players. You need a blindfold. Players sit in a circle​ around "It" who is blindfolded. Players count off so each one has a number which he keeps throughout the game. "It" calls out 2 numbers and the players who have those numbers must run accross the inside and change places, they try to make no noise so that "It" would not hear them. "It" tries to tag one of them,and if "It" does that player becomes "It". When the two players have succeeded in changing places everyone in the circle claps, which is a signal that "It" has to call out two more numbers.