Demographics from World Almanac

Population- 8,205,533
Percent of population that is Urban- 66.5%
Ethnic groups- Autrian, Yugoslav, Turk
Principle Languages- German, Turkish, Serbian, Croatlan
Chief Religion- Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslim

Location- S. Central Europe
Neighbors- Switzerland, Liechtensteian, Germany, Czech, Sloviake, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy
Topography- Austria is primarly mountainous with the Appalachian Mountains and foot hills covering the Western and Southern provinces
Capital- Vienna


Type- Federal Republic
Head of State and Government- President Heinz, Fischer Chanchellor, and Alfrid Gusenbauer


Industries- Constr, machernary, vehicle parts, food, metals, chemicals
Chemicals- grains, potatoes, sugar, beets, wine
Natural Resources- oil, coal, lignite, timber, Iron Ore, Copper, Zind, Antinony, Moanestite


Monetary Unit- Euro
Life Expectancy- Male- 76.5 years, Female- 82.4 years
Education- compulosory (Ages 6-14)
Literacy Rate- 98%

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