Equiptment needed-

2 closed fists

2 thumbs

Directions to play the game: One player starts by saying "hipitoi" and other responds with "ra" The first player says "hipitoi" again and makes one of the four possible hand signs while the other player who started gets 0 pts but says "hipitoi" again and makes another hand sign. If both signed the same the, the player that says "hipitoi ra" as described above starts the new round. The player who began the game can win by being very quick with his movements. The best of 10 wins the round.

Folktale- The Biginning at narrah lake

This folktale is about a guy named Old Baime told his wives to go out and gather yams and frog legs. His wives names were Birra- nulu and Kunnahheili. Old Baiame stuck a feather in between the hind legs of a bee. He then let the bee go so that he could find its nest so he could get hunny. When his wives reached corigil the wives built a bough. Once they were done they went to a spring bathe. Once they were done two kurrials, or crocodiles swallowed them whole. Once the bee stoped old baiame knew something as wrong. When he got back to coorigil the girls were gone. He tracked the crocs and killed them cut them open and found his wives and then said soon the black swans will find their way here and their will be water.