Armenian Folktale and Game

Game: Egg Jousting- One hard boiled egg for each player. Each player presents an egg to the others, small end up. Tehy then tap the small ends together until one egg cracks. Next they tap the large eggs together. The first egg cracked at noth ends is surrendered to the opponent. This game has traditionally been played on Easter in Afghanistan, Armenia, Syria, and Russia.Folktale: The Seven Stars- One day, a young man went out hunting. He fell asleep beside a brook. A girl was sent by her mother to the brook for water, there she saw the boy and fell in love with him. The boy woke up and fell in love with her. They both agreed to go away get married and set up their own house. The girl told her family that she was in love with the boy and that they were going away, getting marrried, and setting up their own house. While the girl was telling her family this, the boy once again fell into a deep sleep beside the brook. One day, the girl was again sent to the brook, she once again saw the boy there. She called his name and he awoke, he bacame an angel and started to fly away. He started to fly, then he started to fall, once he hit the ground he immediatly died. The girl knowing her love had just died killed herself. They were buried together and both became stars.